Do it Now: Killing procrastination, practical methods to being a highly productive individual


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Author: P James, Micheal
Publication Date: 09/25/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Always frustrated because your to-do list hasn’t been completed?
Do you let chores pile up until they become stressful and overwhelming?
Always telling yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” and wondering why you’re not effective in whatever activity you find yourself in?

If so, here’s a simple solution: Do it Now .
In this book you discover;
An Overview of procrastination
Procrastination Warning Signs.
Ways to Recognise Your Procrastination.
Procrastination: Causes and Consequences.
Transitioning from Procrastination to making moves.
Dangerous side of procrastination.
The Value of Sleep: Recharging Your Mind.

Reality check: I’ve never heard of someone procrastinating their way to success, and I doubt that will change very soon. Whatever you’re putting off, if you want to finish it, you need to get a hold on yourself and do it.
Instead of allowing procrastination to take over your life, invest in time management and emotional methods to help you cope with it when it arises.
This book demonstrates useful ways for stopping procrastination and making the most of your time.

Time waits for no one, why not “Do It Now?”