Dissociation: A Collection of Short Stories


SKU: 9781689677769
Author: Green, Ryan
Publication Date: 08/31/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Dissociation is a collection of three stories written from three different perspectives dealing with different types of mental health struggles. Issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, withdrawal and isolation are focused on and shape the lives of the characters involved.Cold Calls – Alex works as a suicide hotline assistant who uses the position and the power to collect a list of names that supplement moonlighting as a serial killer. Aimee is a reporter and journalist hoping to make a big break when she is tasked with interviewing Alex. Their new relationship begins to fall apart as their jobs and interests conflict.Autumn’s Fall – Autumn loses all of her friends and family in a horrible accident. After the accident she is now faced with trying to start a new life on her own. She sets out to head across the country and makes new friends along the way.What Am I Doing With My Life – A dark comedy written as a introspective from a day in my life at work. I use coping mechanisms like daydreaming and seclusion to help self sabotage.