Developments in Biodiesel: Feedstock, Production, and Properties


SKU: 9781837670604
Editor: Balakrishna, R Geetha Mohan, Sakar Zaki Sharara, Tamer
Publication Date: 06/28/2024
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Transportation remains one of the largest contributors to global carbon dioxide emissions with the majority of vehicles using fossil-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Therefore, alternatives that come from a renewable feedstock and create fewer carbon emissions are urgently needed. Biodiesel, an alternative to fossil-based diesel fuel, can be produced from renewable or waste feedstocks such as biomass, animal fats and industrial wastes making it much more sustainable. However, challenges remain in improving and refining the properties of biodiesel, developing production processes and choosing feedstocks with optimal sustainability.

Focusing on recent advances in the areas of feedstocks for biodiesel, production processes, and testing and enhancement of properties, Developments in Biodiesel provides a balance between academic and industrial viewpoints across a range of topics. It is an ideal reference for both academics and industrialists interested in sustainable energy, sustainable fuels and biomass/waste valorisation.