Development of effective import-substituting composite polymer adhesives and technology of their production


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Author: Tukhliyev, Gayratali
Publication Date: 07/27/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Today in the world there is a great demand for polymer adhesives used for bonding of various materials in industrial enterprises, construction and furniture industry. One of the important tasks in this direction is the creation of composite polymer adhesives with high adhesion and cohesion properties for bonding of marking with excise stamps of alcoholic beverages, gluing of paper labels and other recognizable warning signs on metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and other containers for food industry and other industries.In the world, scientific research on creation of effective and cheap composite polymer adhesives with high physical and chemical properties is of great importance. In this aspect, the creation and improvement of the quality of effective composite polymer adhesives with high adhesion and cohesion properties, improvement of physicochemical properties, as well as improving the technology of their production today are of particular importance.