Dermatopharmacology of Topical Preparations: A Product Development-Oriented Approach


SKU: 9783540640486
Author: Gabard, Bernard Surber, Christian Elsner, Peter
Editor: Gabard, B Elsner, P Surber, C Treffel, P
Publication Date: 10/29/1999
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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General.- 2 The Vehicle: The Pharmaceutical Carrier of Dermatological Agents.- 3 The Absolute Fundamentals of Transdermal Permeation (Drug Delivery for Dummies).- 4 Basics (Guidelines) on Cell Culture Testing for Topical Dermatological Drugs/Products and Cosmetics With Regard to Efficacy and Safety of the Preparations.- 5 Guidelines and Methods on Safety Testing for Dermatics and Cosmetics.- 6 Basics on Clinical Safety Testing.- Projects.- 7 Antimicrobials.- 8 Topical Antifungal Agents.- 9 Hand Disinfection and Antiseptic of Skin, Mucous Membranes, and Wounds.- 10 Antivirals.- 11 Dermatopharmacology of Antiparasitics and Insect Repellents.- 12 Antiphlogistics (Dermocorticoids and topical immunomodulators).- 13 Antiseborrheics.- 14a Principle of Drug Treatments for Itch.- 14b Methodological Approaches for Testing Anti-Itch and Related Substances.- 15 Hair: Scalp Hair Growth Evaluation Methods.- 16 Keratolytics.- 17 Dermatopharmacology of Topical Anti-Fungal Preparations in Nail Tissue.- 18 Skin Care/Detergents.- 19 Skin Hydration.- 20 Efficacy of Skin Care Products and Different Mixtures of Lipids on Barrier Function.- 21 Project Sunscreen Protection.- 22 Photoaging – Retinoids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and Antioxidants.- 23 Antiperspirants.- 24 Wound Healingo.- 25 Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products.