Deathspell: Vengeance, Magic, and Alternate History


SKU: 9781726777124
Editor: Wesley, J R
Author: Peterson, Connor
Publication Date: 01/29/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In 15th century England, royal houses warred, rising aristocrats seized power, and old families ruthlessly defended their lands and riches. It was a perfect world for magicians and mercenaries in this alternate history series from USA Today Bestselling Author Connor Peterson.At fourteen, Christian witnessed his father’s murder. Handed precious items and told to flee, Christian lived, but part of him would be forever scarred with the memory. It would lead him into the life of a mercenary. His skills with a sword were enough to earn him a roof to sleep under and food to put in his stomach, but what Christian truly wanted was revenge. Although he hadn’t recognized the man who ran his father through, the murderer had been wearing a red cloak decorated with the image of a circled flame. It was enough to give him hope of finding answers, even if it wouldn’t be easy.Almost a decade after his father’s death, Christian learns far more than he bargained for. His father’s murder had not been a senseless or random act. He had been hunted, and the reason was in the items Christian had been given, that were now buried at the base of a tree in the English countryside. One of those items is something the red cloaks are desperate to recover. They have been seeking it, and the boy who had last been seen with it, the entire time Christian had been looking for them.A brush with his own death reveals another piece to the puzzle. Magic. Inherited from his father, but kept secret for a reason that had been taken to the grave.When he finally comes face to face with the red cloaks – the Luminaries – Christian will have two choices for honoring his father’s legacy. Learn to use the magic inside of him, that was now awake for good or ill. Or kill the men responsible for his father’s murder, who are possibly the only ones that know enough about magic to teach him.He won’t have to decide right away, but Christian isn’t the naive boy who fled from danger any longer. He has friends. Loved ones. People who can be used as leverage by the Luminaries to get what they want. After a decade of waiting, they aren’t exactly patient.But using magic is a feeling unlike any Christian ever dreamed of experiencing. He might not be able to give it up. The question is how far will he let himself go, and will it be too late to turn back, before he has no choice but become a Luminary himself. Because this time, there won’t be any chance to run – only fight, or join.And no one needed to remind him what standing against the Luminaries could cost. –Author’s Note: Christian is a bisexual main character who shares intimate scenes with both men and women in the book. This is not a romance but there are romantic connections.Deathspell: Book OneShadowcast: Book Two