Death Trick


SKU: 9781951092580
Author: Stevenson, Richard
Foreword by: Nava, Michael
Publication Date: 03/22/2022
Publisher: Requeered Tales
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


A Donald Strachey Mystery, Book 1 – Don Strachey isn’t exactly the most sought-after private eye in Albany, New York. In fact, this gay P.I. has gotten to the point of having to write checks to pay his tab at the cheapest lunch counter in town. And he isn’t sure that the latest one, for the grand total of two dollars and ninety-three cents, is going to clear.

Surprisingly he’s hired to locate Billy Blount, the gay heir to one of Saratoga Springs’ upper-crust families. On top of that, Billy, a young and outspoken gay activist, is wanted for the grizzly murder of the man he slept with on his last night in Albany – a man he’d never met before that night.

Written just before the onslaught of AIDS, Death Trick is a time capsule of gay life as it existed in smaller towns in America. A foreword for the 2022 edition by Michael Nava (Henry Rios series) is included.

“This murder mystery, recounted with sassiness and wit, is full of true-to-life details about contemporary gay existence. Stevenson uses the yarn to poke fun at straitlaced parents, homophobic cops and greedy gay bar owners … This is a great lazy-day read – and politically correct, yet!” – The Advocate

“Stevenson holds his own with the top novelists of the clever mystery genre. He writes wittily and knowingly about his subjects, both the gay world and the world of politics, and draws telling portraits of the bitter, clever amusing men who inhabit both.” – West Coast Review of Books

“Sassy and sexy … Don Strachey is a private dick who really earns his title.” – Armistead Maupin

“Mystery fans had better grab hold of this and keep an eye out for Richard Stevenson.” – Bay Area Reporter