Death on Delancey: A Marco Fontana Mystery (Revised and Corrected)


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Author: DeMarco, Joseph R G
Publication Date: 02/05/2018
Publisher: Jade Mountain Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


DeMarco, Joseph R G
Two popular gay bartenders–one a winner of an important and lucrative competition–are found dead in a tony Philadelphia neighborhood. The police are ready to close the case as a murder-suicide. But P.I. Marco Fontana has a hunch that there’s more to the crime than a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong. He’ll need all his wits and resources, however, because the Chief of Detectives hates him and won’t let him anywhere near the case. Besides, the evidence backs up the murder-suicide theory. Complicating things further is the fact that a local, wealthy, and very powerful gay businessman hires Marco to help prove that the police are right! Fontana agrees but only on the condition that he enters into the investigation with no set objectives other than finding the Truth. At the same time, Marco’s personal life is becoming more and more complicated–should he try to rekindle things with an old flame or should he get more serious with a hot barista who is ready for more? Personal life aside Fontana gets immersed in the case and finds that it leads him down some dangerous and seedy avenues in the City of Brotherly Love and toward some surprising conclusions about what he thought he knew about the people around him and the city he loves.