Daily Productivity: A Practical Guide To Staying Productive, Focused, And Motivated


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Author: Alcalda, Lucas
Publication Date: 09/21/2022
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Do you want to be more productive, focused and effective?
Are you disheartened often?
Is it hard to make choices, or are you altering your decisions severally?

That means you need a book that teaches you how to be productive.
This book is a practical guide to Productivity, for creative and ambitious people. It teaches how to manage your time attention and energy, and increase productivity.
Productivity is frequently thought to simply the act of creating things, however there’s more to it. This book is created to demonstrate suggestions and many methods you may use to make choices, and acquire desired outcomes in the span of one month.
It asko speaks about the aspects that govern how productive a person can be and several Productivity habits of successful people.
Lucas Alcalda is a writer who is happily married to Jessica Alcalda, with three kids-a boy and two daughters. He’s a writer of motivational and self- improvement books. He has published six books and he created this book to show you how he’s been so prolific so far .
Productivity management, and hacks, time management motivation, self-discipline, prioritising, decision making, and more are completely and meticulously studied and explored in this book.
A changed mentality, end of procrastination, setting goals, being motivated, prioritisation, staying focused, avoiding multitasking, planning ahead, discipline, energy, efficiency.
This book is devoted to those with exceptional brains and goals.
Being a great person takes tactics and expertise. Learn more now!