Crafts Directory: Design and Production in the UK and Ireland


SKU: 9781905571468
Author: James, Nicholas James, Sarah
Publication Date: 08/24/2023
Publisher: CV Publications
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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First published in 1999 Crafts Directory draws together interviews, features, showcases and listings of makers in the UK and Ireland, which explore individual practices and avenues of distribution from workshop production to general retail outlets. Interviews include: Nannette Bowers-Stel jeweller; Georgina Hadrill fashion retailer; Josephine Jackson ceramist;Anthea Lahr crafts retailer; Roddie McVittie antique furniture restorer; John Page harp mender; Nicola Taylor stained glass restorer; Janice Tchalenko ceramics & industry; Ann Vose milliner;Wilbraham and Vaughan fashion designers. Articles: Studio Survey by Roberta Stoker; The Decorative Arts in West Cork by David Rose; Dublin Colleges of Art and Design by Margaret MacNamidhe, with additional indexes of designer-makers; specialist galleries; shops andsuppliers.