Cop Licked, Lesbian Erotica


SKU: 9781097733965
Author: Hampshire, Olivia
Publication Date: 05/10/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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  • “I so remember what is was like to be married to my husband with kids, in the suburbs and something just was not right. I remember my first time lesbian experience well. My life opened up and suddenly, I was alive again. Thank you Olivia Hampshire for helping me with this lesbian romance short story, helping me to remember what it was like before I became the true me.” Lillian, Fort Wayne, IN
  • “When Detective Malone kicked the husband’s butt, well that just got me all started in this lesbian romance short story. I remember living out in the middle of nowhere with my fantasy man, HA. I remember my first time lesbian experience like it was yesterday. And Olivia, you just made my life hotter that hot with these love scenes. My partner loves them. We just started reading your other lesbian romance stories too. Thanks much.” Barb, Bismark, ND
  • “It was not that long ago when I had my first time lesbian lover. I remember wondering what my family would say, what my neighbors would think. But I just followed my heart and everything else just followed. Olivia Hampshire, thank you for your skills and I hope you continue to write these lesbian romance short stories so that others like me can free themselves from bondage.” Nancy, Jefferson City, MO
  • “Olivia Hampshire, how could you possibly know. My daughter was having her first time lesbian experience, relationship, whatever you want to call it and it seemed like she was really enjoying herself. It took me years to catch up with her freedom and joy. She gave me this book as an Amazon Gift, this lesbian romance short story, and it brought back many, many memories.” Karen, Phoenix, AZ

Can someone tell us what is going on?” a husky voice said.Helen looked up and into the greenest eyes she had ever seen and for a moment she forgot why they were all there. “I’m Detective Malone and you are…” she continued.Helen swallowed a lump of saliva and cleared her throat.”My name is Helen Connors and that’s my husband Bruce,” Helen said her eyes still on Detective Malone.”What happened?” Detective Malone urged, her voice noticeably softer.”My husband and I, we had just come home when we found…” Helen’s voice trailed off and she threw her hands up helplessly.”We found that dyke, coming on to our daughter,” Bruce interrupted.Detective Malone moved towards Carol and to Helen’s horror, her cheek was bleeding. Detective Malone swiftly helped a weeping Carol dress and then led her to the couch.”Who did this to you?” she asked her gently.Carol looked up and nodded towards Bruce. It was as though the action galvanized Bruce into action again. He jumped on Carol and both of them tumbled onto the couch and he rained blows on her. Detective Malone grabbed Bruce from behind. Bruce turned and aimed a blow at the Detective, which she ducked from and then in one movement, she punched him in the face, grabbed his hair and thrusted his face into the wall. That took Bruce to the floor.”Handcuff him and take him down to the station”, she said with obvious disgust.”What? Are you insane? I find this woman in my house, molesting my daughter…”The two policemen worked fast and within minutes, they had Bruce in handcuffs. “Tell them Helen, tell them what she was doing,” Bruce yelled as he was led away. Detective Malone sat next to Carol and whispered to her, calming her down. Helen watched in apt admiration. She had never seen a woman detective as attractive as Malone was. She had short blond hair, cut into a stylish bob and was slim but curvy. Helen blushed when her eyes lingered over the Detective’s hips, their soft curves visible under the dark blue trousers she wore. Her badge was on the shoulder of her shirt. Helen wrapped her hands around herself, feeling a chill despite the warm weather. Detective Malone stood up then and came to her.