Cooking with 5 Ingredients from Trader Joe’s: Simple Weeknight Meals Using Your Favorite In-Store Products


SKU: 9781645673903
Author: Korsen, Tracey
Publication Date: 11/23/2021
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In only 5 ingredients or less, Tracey Joe’s shows you how to make the most of the endless delicacies found in-store, including frozen fare, sauces and sides, veggies, protein and sweets.

Tracey highlights the beloved specialty foods Trader Joe’s is known for, by creating exciting new dishes with them that can only be made with store items. Adaptability takes center stage: whether or not you are time-crunched, still learning to cook, putting something together from scratch, expecting company or following a special diet, you’ll find exciting recipes that’ll make you see your Trader Joe’s usuals in a whole new light.

Pull off showstopping meals, from mouthwatering main dishes like the Meatball Parmesan Sub, Bulgogi Bowl and Pulled Chicken BBQ Tacos, to sides and comfort foods like the Fall Brussels Sprout Salad, Tater Tot Casserole; not to mention a tantalizing detour to desserts via the Cookies & Cream Cake, Cannoli Dip and No-Bake Chocolate Covered Coconut Clusters.

Cooking with 5 Ingredients from Trader Joe’s will have you fall in love with Trader Joe’s all over again (and give you even more excuses to prowl your local store in the process)!