Content Production Business: Legal, Economic and Creative Basics for Producers


SKU: 9781032460161
Author: Levitan, Steve
Publication Date: 10/15/2023
Publisher: Focal Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This book goes beyond the technical steps in the process of making film, TV, and media material, examining what it means to be an ongoing supplier of content to the marketplace and how to become one. Steve Levitan brings insights and experience from his lifelong career producing in the content industry, where he has also acted as a professional advisor to content makers, distributors and providers, whilst setting up his own production company.

Producing as a Business offers strategic, tactical, financial, legal and marketing insights for the successful establishment of content creation enterprises. Readers will gain insight into how to avoid starting from square one with each project, while also learning how to maintain a meaningful level of ownership and build a revenue stream that can sustain a core operation, helping establish them as a “player” in the industry. This text is aimed at the international production industry, with real examples referred to throughout.

Film, television, and media production students who are looking to understandthe business of producing, as well as first-time producers who are already familiar with the basics of the production process, will benefit from an examination of the building blocks that form lasting production companies.