Configuration management in product line software systems


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Author: K L S, Soujanya
Publication Date: 03/18/2023
Publisher: Self Publisher
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the discipline which deals with the procedures or methods that involve in controlling the evolution of complex software systems. Software Product Line (SPL) is a family of products that increases reusability, reduces development effort besides increasing productivity. It is the paradigm shift moving from individual products to product lines. The new paradigm facilitates identifying generic solutions, building related products, reusing components to build common solutions. Lessons learned from the SPL helped software industry to adapt more useful industry standards in product line development and configuration. Component-based development is reinforced in SPL. The components which are prefabricated with standards can avoid reinventing the wheel beside positively affecting the timeline and budgets of software development.