Comprehensive Guide to Animal Husbandry: From Production to Nutrition


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Author: Dabriwal, Vikash
Publication Date: 08/16/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“Comprehensive Guide to Animal Husbandry: From Production to Nutrition” offers an in-depth exploration of the multifaceted world of animal husbandry, covering every aspect from raising animals to ensuring their health and well-being. The guide delves into the science, ethics, and environmental considerations that underpin responsible animal farming practices. From livestock and poultry management to sustainable agriculture and animal welfare, the guide addresses key topics that shape modern animal husbandry practices.

The guide begins by tracing the historical evolution of animal husbandry, highlighting how practices have evolved over time to meet the demands of a growing global population. It emphasizes the importance of ethical and environmental considerations in animal farming, highlighting the need to balance production with responsible resource use and care for animals.

Readers will find detailed discussions on various livestock production systems, including intensive and extensive systems, and how sustainable farming practices contribute to the well-being of animals, ecosystems, and communities. The guide explores breeding techniques, reproductive technologies, and the principles of genetic selection that enable farmers to improve animal traits and production efficiency.

With insights into livestock housing, animal health management, and disease prevention, the guide underscores the significance of biosecurity measures and ethical treatment. It also explores the vital role of nutrition in animal health and production, including nutrient requirements, feed formulation, and the incorporation of alternative feeds.

From dairy cattle management and meat animal production to poultry farming and beekeeping, the guide offers comprehensive coverage of various livestock sectors. It delves into topics such as milk production, meat processing, and honey production, showcasing the intricate processes involved in transforming raw materials into valuable food products.

Throughout the guide, the importance of sustainability is emphasized, with discussions on regenerative agriculture, responsible resource use, and eco-friendly practices. The significance of ethical considerations, animal welfare, and the evolving landscape of farming standards is highlighted, providing readers with insights into ethical certifications and consumer demand for ethically produced products.

In a world where food security, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare are pressing concerns, “Comprehensive Guide to Animal Husbandry: From Production to Nutrition” serves as a comprehensive resource for those seeking to navigate the complex world of animal farming. It offers readers a holistic understanding of animal husbandry that encompasses science, ethics, and responsible practices, making it an invaluable reference for farmers, students, and anyone interested in the future of food production.