Complete Guide To Corporate Video Production


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Author: Feldman, Loren
Publication Date: 08/12/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The transformational rise of online video represents one of the most disruptive and opportunistic media developments for modern brands and businesses. As audiences increasingly consume information and entertainment through dynamic and personalized video content, organizations that strategically leverage this medium will gain competitive advantages reaching key targets influentially.

Yet many companies still underutilize video and have not dedicated sufficient resources towards developing captivating and technically polished productions. By learning the methods and best practices contained in the following pages for creating world-class corporate video content, any brand can begin better engaging and converting viewers in the formats they now crave.

This book will empower you to tell compelling stories that inform, teach, inspire and excite target audiences about your company’s unique value and offerings through concise videos optimized for distribution across digital touchpoints. We will cover each fundamental stage of video production in step-by-step detail – laying out the creative, tactical and technical knowledge essential for planning, developing, filming, editing and promoting videos skillfully at a professional grade.

While the core foundations around effective framing, lighting, audio, editing, and storytelling remain constant, the specific tools and distribution platforms continuously modernize. By learning adaptable video production processes focused on strategic messaging and engaging creativity, your skills will maintain relevance across inevitable technical evolutions. The future-proofed abilities gained from this training will fuel success driving measurable business performance improvements through video.

Whether you aim to increase online course sales through educational tutorials, demonstrate products more influentially, train remote workforces efficiently, recruit top talent across regions, or achieve any other video-enhanced objective — the knowledge contained here will help you take ideation into execution strategically. Let’s begin the journey of creating visually dynamic corporate videos that deliver impressive business results. Read on to build this crucial capability and engage audiences anywhere effectively through creativity, message resonance, and multimedia production mastery.