Company Assets: Starr Erotica Bisexual Novel # 1


SKU: 9781542829816
Author: Starr, Dawn
Publication Date: 01/30/2017
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Bisexual Californian Frankie Tain is a typical working girl, slaving away at a large insurance company in San Diego. But her life is anything but boring. The managers of the company are all bisexual couples, and to get her promotion into the management group, Frankie is invited to demonstrate her bisexual skills. This group includes her friends Melissa and Mike. Once Frankie convinces her traditional, Midwestern valued husband to join the world of bisexuality, their life and careers take off with the other four couples. But Frankie soon discovers one of the women has a crush on her. This forces Frankie to decide between her love for another woman or her career. Only she can make the choice. Either way, she is going to have plenty of fun until she makes it! WARNING! THIS BOOK CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL THAT MAY BE CONSIDERD OFFENSIVE TO SOME. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO READ OR POSSESS THIS MATERIAL UNLESS YOU ARE 18 IN THE UNITED STATES OR OF LEGAL AGE IN LOCAL JURISDICTION. THIS BOOK IS A FANTASY. THE READER IS NOT ENCOURAGED TO DUPLICATE ANY ACT CONTAINED WITHIN.