Climate and water and energy production in Gabon


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Author: Maloba Makanga, Jean Damien
Publication Date: 01/05/2023
Publisher: Bayshop (Generis Publishing)
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Located on the western edge of Atlantic Equatorial Africa, Gabon belongs to one of the most rainy regions of the planet. Our work presents an analysis of the characteristics of the different climatic regions of Gabon, where the most abundant rainfall is collected north of the geographical equator. It is precisely in the northwest, in the Estuary region, that the water production plant (Ntoum) and the hydroelectric dams (Tchimbélé and Kinguélé) that supply water and electricity to Gabon’s largest city (Libreville) have been established. The results of this study highlight the different uses of water and the paradox that exists between the abundance of surface water and the deficiencies related to the production of water and electricity for the populations of Libreville (nearly 800,000 inhabitants), one of the smallest political capitals in the sub-region.