Chronicles of Koiné, Vol. III: Salvation


SKU: 9798523110535
Author: Cubero, Alvaro
Publication Date: 07/09/2022
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The perfect climax to close the trilogyThis third delivery of the epic saga Chronicles of Koiné concludes the situations left hanging in volume two.

The Sixty-Six survivors of the former Army of the Aware were abandoned by the Central Government and their own race. What would happen if they felt invincible?

Four orphaned hatchlings are beginning to discover the world and how to feed. How far will their destructive capacity go before someone does something about it?

An old grudge on the part of an ancient Eternal man against the Aware race will unleash unimaginable revenge. Will it be possible to stop his psychopathic plan of extermination in time?

The evil that hangs over the planet does not allow the souls of those departed to find proper rest. Can they intervene in any way?

With a dynamic, deep, thoughtful, descriptive, and highly entertaining narration style, the Thinker narrator of the previous volume continues to tell us a part of the extensive history of this complex and fascinating world. This third volume presents the perfect climax for the story started by its two predecessors. Essential for those who want to close the circle of the first trilogy of the saga.