Chronicles of Koiné, Vol. II: The Schism


SKU: 9798579293473
Author: Cubero, Alvaro
Publication Date: 04/17/2022
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Terrible consequences of the first volume revealedThis second delivery of the epic saga Chronicles of Koiné recounts the terrible consequences that the events described in volume one triggered.

Volcanic activity has released a terror that was hidden and contained for centuries. Will it be possible to access the ancestral power that could counter this threat, despite being isolated in the Valley of the Impassable Mountains?

The abuses committed by the Aware Army left behind a trail of destruction and death among the Strong Folk. What will un-leash the rancor that nests the largest race on the planet against the person directly responsible for such abuses?

The Thinkers and the Luminescent, who historically have not been involved in the other Races’ affairs, will be directly affected. Will they remain impassive observers, or will they intervene to regain peace before reaching a point of no return?

A connection with the afterlife has revealed to a Strong Folk a vision of the future. Will he be able to use this knowledge so that an Eternal woman can change what has not yet happened and save those she loves?

The Thinker narrator of the first volume keeps telling us a part of the extensive history of this complex and fascinating world. This second volume is even more epic, intense, full of suspense and surprises than the first one, and it offers deeper details of Koiné and its Five Races. Mandatory reading for lovers of the genre.