Chase the Owl: A Collection of Intriguing Short Stories


SKU: 9798672915449
Author: Ramaiah, Kanimoli
Publication Date: 08/06/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Ever felt someone watching when no one is around? Have you seen someone you had just passed by walking ahead of you? Ever heard the owl hoot close to your home? Goosebumps when passing by some corridors? Paranormal. Ghost. Unbelievable superstitions. All these make up as part of our brief lives on earth. The stories in this book have been based on the intriguing part of our daily lives which cannot be explained in any other way. Some were based on true events, others were the concoction of my creative juices. The Stranded Passengers was based on true events – Flight MH653 hit the ground vertically on 4th December 1977 after terrorist hijacking. 100 people died with unfulfilled dreams and desires, which brought about paranormal activities in multiple locations associated with the event.When Ghost Calls – this is a popular superstition among simple folks who live in estates. Ghosts love young girls, they say. So what do you do when a ghost calls?The Midnight Bride – every small town in Malaysia has one bride that walks at midnight. Why? Find out inside the book.Chase the Owl – this is a very feared superstition. Owl are often chased away if found within vicinity of any home, for owls are associated with prediction of death. Prediction or cause of death?The Mind Travel – very few people know that our soul can travel. Swamijis and sadhgurus have perfected this kind of travel, however, for the untrained mind this travel can be fatal and here is why…For Seven Days Upon Death – Tibetans believe that the soul dies again and again for seven days upon death while it tries to disassociate from this world. Some souls realise death in most unexpected way.Angels Amongst Us – in life sometimes we need to take some extreme measures, which could be self-destructive, to help others. This is one such story.The Closure – all of us need closure for all events in life; without which moving on would be difficult. A South-Westerly Fling – romance flavoured almost paranormal story: )One Bad Turn – this is a story based on historical events which have been long buried with history.This book gives readers multiple flavours within the paranormal side of life. If you feel goosebumps while reading them, it means you do subscribe to some parts of it. If you do not, this would be a very entertaining light reading for rest hour or while commuting!