Cemetery Drive


SKU: 9780578778174
Author: Clark, Lucian
Publication Date: 10/14/2020
Publisher: Lucian Clark
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


New in town and a long way from Georgia, Judah Moretti finds himself in search of a solitary place to drink away from the humdrum of his life. Helena’s, a rundown gay bar along a strip of unnamed highway somewhere in New Jersey, seems like just the place to do it. But, the moment he sets foot inside that bar, his life quickly changes.

There he finds Jacques Dupont, the effeminate all-black clad husband of a tech millionaire. Judah finds himself unable to fight being drawn to Jack – a mere moth to a flame. Not only is he the exact opposite of Judah’s average looks, but something about him calls to the contrast of Judah’s mundane and boring life.

Like a car careening off a cliff, Judah is unable to stop this crash course in fate. An inevitable collision of their lives under those dim and dusty lights inside Helena’s. As he begins to become more than acquaintances with the pretty boy in the shadows, Judah learns that looks aren’t everything and that some people come with secrets that run just as red as blood. Just how much is Judah willing to give to learn more about this queer and enigmatic man?

Cemetery Drive is a story of obsession, love, loss and a touch of revenge. A beautiful mess full of grandiose sentiments and heart-wrenching tragedy.