Care: Stories


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Author: Records, Christopher
Publication Date: 06/01/2020
Publisher: Inlandia Institute
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Care: Stories is the profoundly moving albeit unsettling fiction debut by Christopher Records.

Care aims to show ordinary queer people living ordinary lives in an ordinary place, but the future that these stories describe is defined by stagnation and loneliness and cruelty, seeping into ordinary lives and relationships and degrading them, a turn toward easy and destructive solutions to complicated, messy, human problems.

“Care is a deeply intimate collection about characters who know how to perform intimacy but don’t always know how to access it, a book unafraid to look at death and the deterioration of the body
and mind, even as its characters try run away from such pain. These characters are ‘poured out like water’, characters deeply impacted by the “poisoned blood” of America, characters searching for their own little bit of comfort in the midst of personal and cultural collapse. These stories rattled my heart and will stay lodged within it.” Gayle Brandeis