Caligula’s Kitchen: The Oracle and the Satyress


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Author: Terminiello, James
Publication Date: 05/16/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Close on the heels of the outrageous Caligula’s Kitchen, this tale careens from the mysterious Oracle at Delphi to the wilds of untamed Britain to a politically percolating and unstable 1st century Rome. We find head chef Logos barely outpacing the madness.

Cleverly installing the thistle-brained Lady Labia as the prophetic “Pythia” at the Oracle and with Caligula now thinking he is the god Apollo, Logos and his love Tatiana hope to at last find some rest. No luck there. Recalled to Rome by the doddering Emperor Claudius, he encounters the steaming and calculating Empress Messalina, matches wits with the raging British rebel chieftain Caratacus, unearths revolutionary plots, and caters a sexual endurance contest of historic proportions with life or death consequences. With an empire in the balance, it comes down to an explosive political battle – with real explosives as added sauce – on the Senate floor.

For history the way it should be, its: Caligula’s Kitchen: The Oracle and The Satyress.


Surviving fragments from: The Eternal Wisdom of Logos

Once thought lost to history, find more than 150 quotes from the great man.