Business Plan for the Production and Marketing of a Wine


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Author: Pineda, Diana
Publication Date: 12/31/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Wine is a beverage derived from the alcoholic fermentation of must or fruit juice, which is produced by the metabolic reaction of its components due to a series of chemical reactions. It has different uses, whether to be enjoyed as a beverage, in celebrations or even in religious rituals. According to data issued in 2017 by the International Wine Organization (OIV), it is estimated that worldwide there is a production of 246,700 Hectoliters. There are different types of wines, whether red, white or rosé, dry or sweet, depending on their sugar level, which are made by the fermentation of fruits. Currently in the national and international markets, competitiveness is stronger and, therefore, the main objective is to create a differentiated product with an added value that allows and helps the country to be more productive in the agroindustrial sector. It is for this reason that this study was carried out, which allows the implementation of new production techniques to obtain a product with a pleasant taste and excellent benefits, taking this opportunity as a business and innovative alternative.