Building Engines for War: Air-Cooled Radial Aircraft Engine Production in Britain and America in World War II: Air-Cooled Radial Aircraft Engine


SKU: 9781468606645
Author: Young, Edward M
Publication Date: 11/13/2023
Publisher: SAE International
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Dive into the heart of wartime innovation and manufacturing through this groundbreaking book, unveiling a riveting narrative of technological mastery and organizational ingenuity. This meticulously researched work challenges conventional views of wartime production, offering a fresh perspective on the incredible efforts that drove the Allies to victory.

Young’s insightful analyses illuminate the strategic collaboration between the aerospace and automotive industries, showcasing their collective adaptation that created the engines powering victory. Spanning continents, Young examines the transformation of aircraft engine manufacturing during World War II. Unearthing the operations of key players such as the Bristol Aeroplane Company, Pratt & Whitney, and Wright Aeronautical, he sheds light on the monumental shift from traditional batch production to revolutionary quantity production.

Readers will witness the birth of new factories, the development of advanced machine tools, and the innovation required to produce engines of unparalleled complexity and precision. Through Young’s fresh perspective, the book unveils the intricate interplay of crisis techno-politics, engineering resilience, and the pivotal role of innovation in shaping the tides of history.

This book is not just a study of the past; it is a critical foundation for understanding the dynamics of wartime production that continue to influence our world today.