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Author: Whitehead, Jerome L Whitehead, J L
Publication Date: 08/03/2011
Publisher: Four Brothers Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


What would you do if you were indirectly responsible for the deaths of several women in your neighborhood? What if a psychopath used your neighborhood as his stalking ground? This is the story of three brothers: Jai, the successful attorney in one of Philadelphia’s top law firms, Ryan, the IT Professional that is struggling with his sexual identity and Nate, the dealer that has risen to one of the highest ranks in drug distribution ring based in a North Philadelphia neighborhood known as The Block. A series of murders takes place in The Block, and nothing is being done about it because the women that are being killed are addicted to the product that Nate sells. “Bruthas” deals with family, loyalty, trust, honesty as well as police corruption and murder. Much like the winding streets of Philadelphia, “Bruthas” takes you on a roller coaster ride exploring the depths of addiction to the heights of family love and will keep you guessing until its climatic finale.