Breeding, Biotechnology and Seed Production of Field Crops


SKU: 9788119072347
Author: Roy, Bidhan
Publication Date: 06/14/2023
Publisher: Nipa
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In modern days, crop improvement is a multidisciplinary division of agriculture. In this book, entitled, “Breeding, Biotechnology and Seed Production of Field Crops”, emphasis has been given on principles, methods and practices in plant breeding, biotechnology in crop improvement and seed production of field crops. The book has been written for all sections of learners, educators and staff-members of seed industries. Particular importance has been underlined for postgraduate students who specialize in plant breeding and seed science. Each of the book has been designed as per the recommended of syllabus of Indian Council of Agricultural Research for the postgraduate students of various Agricultural Universities in our country. This book has been divided into two major parts- i) Principles of crop breeding and ii) Methods and practices of crop improvement and seed production of individual field crop. The book contains total of 18 chapteFirst three s are related to shed light on the basic-principles and remaining s deal with methods and practices of individual crop for improvement and seed production. We hope that the book will be ready to lend a hand to the advanced undergraduate students doing plant breeding in elective, postgraduate students who opted plant breeding, teachers, researchers and staff-members of private seed companies of this field of specialization.