Boys Like Us


SKU: 9781951092726
Author: McGehee, Peter
Foreword by: Frontain, Raymond-Jean
Introduction by: Robinson, Fiji
Publication Date: 09/20/2022
Publisher: Requeered Tales
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Boys Like Us Trilogy, Book 1 – Peter McGehee’s debut novel is a rompish, bed-hopping affair – a modern comedy of manners – in which our twentysomething protagonist, Zero MacNoo performs all the rituals – sexual, familial, and grievous – required of urban gay males in the early 1990s. It is a remarkable comedy about life, love, and friendship in the age of AIDS.

Zero, an Arkansas expat who has swapped out Little Rock for the cool contemporary tones of Toronto gay life, is perplexed by the curveballs of fate. His best friend has been diagnosed with AIDS; Zero is frantic to organize a circle of support. And when Arkansas also calls, it’s to support his mother’s second marriage and confrontations with the zany array of crazed Southerners he calls family ensue.

Funny, bittersweet, outrageous, and moving, Zero’s adventures make up the first part of Boys Like Us trilogy. This new edition is accompanied by introductions from Dr Raymond-Jean Frontain and long-time collaborator Fiji Robinson.

“An utterly delightful book. I enjoyed every word of it!” – Quentin Crisp

“… a gem of a novel. Boys Like Us is funny, sexy, tender, and touching – often in the same sentence.” – Larry Duplechan

“As it celebrates the strength and staying power of gay friendships, Peter McGehee’s Boys Like Us goes out of its way to show you a good time – and you won’t hate yourself in the morning.” – New York Native

“Boys Like Us is an affable, enjoyable story … McGehee has the ability, through an ingratiating style and witty observations, to transform Zero’s everyday life into something we care about.” – Michael Bronski

“Accomplishes what may seem impossible: a humorous romp in the face of widespread death.” – Library Journal