Blueprint for Production-Ready Web Applications: Leverage industry best practices to create complete web apps with Python, TypeScript, and AWS


SKU: 9781803248509
Author: Jones, Philip
Publication Date: 09/23/2022
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Go from setting up your production environment, to building an app, to deploying it to the web using industry best practices along the way

Key Features:

  • Follow a blueprint to build production-ready apps that can be adapted and tailored to your requirements
  • Learn how to combine a React frontend with a Quart backend, and run them in Docker on AWS
  • Adopt industry best practices that can be used in your personal as well as work projects

Book Description:

A Blueprint for Production-Ready Web Applications will help you expand upon your coding knowledge and teach you how to create a complete web application. Unlike other guides that focus solely on a singular technology or process, this book shows you how to combine different technologies and processes as needed to meet industry standards.

You’ll begin by learning how to set up your development environment, and use Quart and React to create the backend and frontend, respectively. This book then helps you get to grips with managing and validating accounts, structuring relational tables, and creating forms to manage data. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of web application development by creating a to-do app, which can be used as a base for your future projects. Finally, you’ll find out how to deploy and monitor your application, along with discovering advanced concepts such as managing database migrations and adding multifactor authentication.

By the end of this web development book, you’ll be able to apply the lessons and industry best practices that you’ve learned to both your personal and work projects, allowing you to further develop your coding portfolio.

What You Will Learn:

  • Set up an optimum development environment for building web apps
  • Create a working backend Quart app that can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Build a user management system with passwords and authentication
  • Build a single-page application with React Router and Formik
  • Deploy your app to AWS and understand the importance of monitoring
  • Discover advanced concepts such as managing database migrations

Who this book is for:

This book is for software engineers like recent computer science or bootcamp graduates who already know how to program and want to learn how to build an app by following standard industry processes such as continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). Working knowledge of TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and SQL is needed. You don’t, however, need prior experience with Quart, React, AWS, and all other specific technologies and processes, as they will be introduced in the book.