Blue Star


SKU: 9781951092252
Author: Ferro, Robert
Foreword by: Holleran, Andrew
Publication Date: 07/14/2020
Publisher: Requeered Tales
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“Incandescent angels of love … an eclectic voyage.”

Two heroes, reflective Peter and Byronic Chase, indulge their youthful appetites in Florence. Over the next 20 years their paths diverge and reconverge. Chase marries into the Italian aristocracy and Peter pursues his passion for Lorenzo, a beautiful young Florentine. The past impinges on the present as the story of Chase’s ancestor, Orvil Starkweather, is revealed – the secrets of his life sounding a counterpoint to Chase’s. New York City’s Central Park and the imposing figure of designer Frederick Law Olmsted provide a mysterious connection to Chase’s life. The story of the two men unfolds in Florence and New York exposing the unimagined and startling connection with the past, and taking them finally on a fateful cruise up the Nile aboard the luxury yacht the Blue Star.

Originally published in 1985, this new edition contains a 2020 foreword by Andrew Holleran