Birth Rite


SKU: 9780692293706
Author: Aratare, X
Publication Date: 09/12/2014
Publisher: Raythe Reign, Incorporated
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A world of sex, magic and old gods awaits and the LaMascares Mansion is the doorway … Justin Devereaux has always been different, and not just in looks from his parents. His interests run to the magical and mysterious while theirs seem very pedestrian and small. The one thing that has always interested him and frightened them is the LaMascares Mansion. The mansion has sat long, seemingly empty and abandoned, but Justin feels someone in it watching over him. Peren LaMascares has been trapped in the mansion on the hill for too many years to count. He needs a LaMascares’ heir to free him and bring about the family’s – and world’s – dark destiny. He finds that heir in the innocent, unsuspecting Justin. Peren leads Justin into a world of sex, magic and old gods. Will Justin abandon all the morals he’s ever had so that he can have the lust-filled passion that Peren offers forever?