Biogas Plants: Waste Management, Energy Production and Carbon Footprint Reduction


SKU: 9781119863786
Editor: Czekala, Wojciech Stevens, Christian V
Publication Date: 12/11/2023
Publisher: Wiley
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Biogas Plants

Comprehensive resource highlighting the global significance of biogas and reviewing the current status of biogas production.

Biogas Plants presents an overview of biogas production, starting from the substrates (characteristics, pretreatment, and storage), addressing technical and technological aspects of fermentation processes, and covering the environmental and agricultural significance of obtained digestate.

Written by a team of experts with extensive theoretical and practical experience in the areas of bio-waste, biogas plants, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, Biogas Plants discusses keys topics including:

  • Anaerobic digestion, including discussion of substrates and products
  • Advantages of biogas plants, with emphasis on their future potential for stable and controlled renewable energy
  • Global significance of the biogas sector, including its importance in electro-energy system stabilization, biogas plants for energy storage, bio-waste utilization, and biomethane production

A thorough and complete resource on the subject, Biogas Plants will appeal to academic researchers and industry scientists and engineers working in the fields of biogas, bio-waste, bioenergy, renewable resources, waste management and carbon reduction, along with process engineers, environmental engineers, biotechnologists, and agricultural scientists.

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