Biochemical and Physiological Aspects of Ethylene Production in Lower and Higher Plants: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Limburgs Universitair


SKU: 9780792302018
Editor: Clijsters, H De Proft, M Marcelle, R Van Poucke, M
Publication Date: 03/31/1989
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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With the demonstration of the “triple response” in plants by Neljubow at the turn of the century, ethylene has been identified as a substance specifically affecting plant growth. Yet it took a few more decades to show that ethylene is a naturally occurring product of plants having all the characteristics of a phytohormone. Ever since much effort has been devoted to a wide variety of physiological and biochemical problems relevant to ethylene. A first meeting was organized in Israel in 1984 to bring together many people active in this rapidly expanding field of experimental research. It is the aim of the present symposium to provide once more a forum at which researchers might expose and comment progress in their work over the last few years. Speakers were invi ted and their contri buti ons ordered ina number of sessions, each of which was centered on a particular topiC. Much of the benefit came from ensuing discussion sessions which were conducted with much competence and expertise by Anderson, Ben-Arie, Goren, Morgan and Osborne. All of these colleagues are recognized leaders in ethylene research today and the organizers owe a very special gratitude to them for their substantial contribution to the programme. It is well to remember the friendly atmosphere, so essential to the success of the whole meeting and so much enjoyed by every partiCipant. Prompt publi ca tion of the papers was made possi ble by the camera-ready procedure offered by the publisher.