Bigger Than Life: A Murder, a Memoir


SKU: 9780803232679
Author: Lenney, Dinah
Publication Date: 07/01/2011
Publisher: Bison Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Nelson Gross led an outsized life–one in which he played many roles: father, brother, husband, politician, entrepreneur. When he was killed by a couple of teenagers in a botched abduction and robbery, the murder shook his family in predictable and terrible ways. For his daughter, Dinah Lenney, parent of her own young children, the loss sparked a self-reckoning that led to this book, which is both a meditation on grief and a coming-of-age story. By turns funny and sad, frustrating and fulfilling, her candid memoir conducts readers through marriage and divorce, blended and broken families–and, finally, the kinds of conflict that infect the best of us under even the best of circumstances. In the end, Lenney leaves us with the sense that in spite of extraordinary events–as with most families–it is mutual forgiveness and love that lead us to empathy, acceptance, and the will to carry on.