Berry Bioactive Compound By-Products


SKU: 9780323956000
Editor: Khalifa, Ibrahim Nawaz, Asad
Publication Date: 04/13/2023
Publisher: Academic Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Berry Bioactive Compound By-Products explores the phytochemistry, functional properties, health-promoting effects, and food and non-food applications of bioactive compounds in berry processing by-products. The book covers a range of berry processing by-products, including mulberry, raspberry, blueberry, and many more. The book examines the chemical composition, bioactive compounds, green methods for extraction, metabolism and bioactivity of bioactive components, biorefinery, bioenergy, and zero waste processing, and economic values for each berry’s by-products. Edited by world experts, this book is a valuable resource for food scientists, researchers, and students in the fields of functional foods and food science, technology, and bioprocess engineering.