Bereaved and Mary


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Author: Bradshaw, Thomas
Publication Date: 12/28/2010
Publisher: PAJ Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This is the first trade volume of the author who has been featured in “Time Out” as one of the top ten playwrights to watch, and who was then called Best Provocative Playwright by the “Village Voice.” “The Bereaved” was highly praised in a recent New York premiere, with its portrayal of an American family turned inside out like a sit-com gone wild. “Mary,” soon to be produced by the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, brings together a white suburban Beltway family, their black maid, and their young gay son who brings home his college boyfriend, setting off shotguns in surprising directions.

Thomas Bradshow recieved his MFA from Mac Wellman’s playwriting program at Brooklyn College and is an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College and Medgar Evers College. His plays include “Songs of Love,” “All But Forgotten,” “Revelation,” “When I Woke,” and “Strom Thurmond Is Not A Racist.”