Beqoming: Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted


SKU: 9781544525457
Author: Bequer, Azrya Bequer, Benjamin
Publication Date: 02/22/2022
Publisher: Beqoming Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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BEQOMING (noun verb): devotion to the process of becoming who you are designed to be by radically embracing your greatest challenges as curriculum and savoring the full spectrum of life

When Benjamin, a no-nonsense businessman, and Azrya, a free-spirited artist, fall madly in love, they birth a vision for a committed partnership capable of elevating humanity. But in order to become the heart-centered impact leaders they aspire to be, they must face off with the deepest unconscious fears threatening their mission and union.

A unique hybrid of personal development, spiritual memoir, and erotic nonfiction, BEQOMING is an intimate and uncensored exploration of psychedelics, sex, power, and purpose. Join Azrya and Benjamin Bequer as they navigate the light and shadow sides of their own BEQOMING and deliver potent wisdom and tangible strategies for your own activation.

Warning: This book may inspire you to face off with your darkest subconscious shadows, claim your Truest Truth, and embody the greatness you’re here to share with the world. Side effects may include becoming radically unfuckwithable.