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Editor: Jackson, R
Publication Date: 05/07/2010
Publisher: Bear Bones Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


This first volume in the Hot and Hairy series of outstanding erotic short fiction draws readers deep into the thickest forest of masculine desire to reveal at a hidden bonfire a long-hidden clan of gay men from the Bear cult. In Bearotica, you’ll meet: a mountain man who guides a young fellow through his initiation into male love as they cross over the American frontier; a couple of wayward bikers riding together down a dusty, lusty road; four massive musclebears using junkyard metal and their other tools to improvise weightlifting routines; two warriors, one a bear and one wolf, battle in an 8th-Century Norwegian lodge for sexual dominance; and many more unforgettable characters. Edited by R. Jackson, Bearotica presents seventeen strong, arousing, compelling stories of homomasculine love by famed and favorite contributors such as Dale Chase, Daniel M. Jaffe, Jay Neal, R.E. Neu, Jay Starre, Karl von Uhl, and Thom Wolf, as well as new voices. If you go out to the woods today, beware: reading these sometimes humorous, often insightful, but always sensual tales of macho men expressing their desires may grow fur on the palms of your paws – or at least, show you exactly what bears really do in the woods.