Be Safe


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Author: Weaver, Doug
Publication Date: 02/02/2017
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


The worst of the AIDS epidemic has passed with the discovery of new medications. But not everyone rejoices. Certain groups of gay men rebel when they find it impossible to embrace the notion that they’re suddenly expected to slough off their “end dates” and become useful, vibrant members of society.

Two pairs of men experience a chance meeting on their way to a burrito joint in Hollywood. All are gay men with HIV/AIDS, all are drug addicts/sellers (Gallagher and Rogarth are recent alumni of a local drug rehab.; Bert and Korn are simply out of drugs for the moment and fear that they’re about to get busted.) Through the use of multiple focalizers, the lives and values of all characters are explored, shedding light on Queerness (including homosexuality), the nature of chronic disease (especially AIDS), addiction, recovery facilities, 12-Step programs, and, it’s hoped, revelation.