Be…: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity


SKU: 9781642937886
Author: Black, Ashley Minkus, Korie Vrancken, Lisa
Publication Date: 06/28/2022
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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What happens when three powerhouse women get together for a candid late-night conversation about the challenges of launching and scaling a business? Destiny unfolds, and a movement of female empowerment begins to take shape.

BE… is our labor of love to you. It’s a collaborative synergy of wisdom from our individual journeys to success, paired with stories from women who courageously overcame personal and professional challenges in life and business. Change starts with a deliberate shedding of our self-limiting beliefs.

In our first book together, we present proprietary business philosophies from Ashley Black, a #1 national bestselling author and a 2020 ABA Entrepreneur. We outline product-to-market systems from Korie Minkus, a renowned brand strategist, global consultant, and motivational speaker in more than thirty countries. We deliver insightful teachings and proven techniques from award-winning television producer and marketing/brand expert Lisa Vrancken to elevate, enrich, and establish your life-affirming venture.

BE… is a candid telling of our personal stories, a fiery cauldron of inspirations, a guide to engaging transformational activities, and a clear-cut formula to illuminate a path to the entrepreneurial life you’ve always envisioned.


“This group of amazing women have made it so the ideas flying around in my head that I always shoo away, have the courage to be voiced. MY ideas are good and they are needed. I was dimming my own light for fear of what others think. NO MORE! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ashley, Korie, and Lisa.”
Crystal Baker – Greenville, SC – Entrepreneur

“The three of you amazing ladies have made me realize that I do have purpose and I do have passion. I am currently turning my passion into a business. This group has given purpose for that, and I thank you.”
Judy Cennami – Portsmouth, NH – Owner of Judyblueart

“This movement has inspired me that I AM an unstoppable creation, with endless possibilities. This book is vital for women because it ignites the Divine Feminine on a journey of metamorphosis to integrate their knowledge and take soul-aligned actions!”
Red Salvation – Orlando, FL – CEO of Skin Salvation Solutions