Balancing Act of A Busy Mom: Happiness is the Key to Balance & Productivity


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Author: Harris, Melissa
Publication Date: 11/21/2023
Publisher: Vue Claire LLC
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Working Mom = Superwoman!

Modern women perform multiple life roles – wife, partner, mother, boss, co-worker, daughter, friend, and many more. Their lives revolve around family and career. A working mother’s superpower is holding it all together. And most of the time we do a great job at it. However, do you feel there are some days that it’s just all falling apart? That’s when finding a stable work-life balance is more important than ever!

Empowering working women of all ages with fresh ideas surrounding the concepts of self-love and personal productivity is the essence of The Balancing Act of A Busy Mom. Simple shifts that are easily integrated into an already busy life can radically change work-family life balance for the better. Build conscious, positive thought habits and intentional actions that create daily improvements. Reduce stress and increase success!

A few of the powerful ideas presented include —

– Happiness feeds balance which feeds productivity.

– Caring for yourself is equally as important as caring for others.

– Positive mindset is half the battle; organized life is the other half.

– Effective and easy tips that build positive change and strengthen balance and productivity.

If you have ever felt…

— overwhelmed and tired,

— that you are running around but not accomplishing much (and always more to do),

— that you are sacrificing for the benefit of everyone else, and

— out of touch with yourself,

…join this uplifting discussion that shares eye-opening new ways of thinking, offers organizational tips to create balance and productivity, and reveals beliefs and attitudes that are critical to promote lasting fulfillment and happiness. You deserve it, Superwoman!