Backwoods: Connor’s Story of Summer Camp, A Thrilling Gay Romance


SKU: 9798745149221
Author: Stone, Taylor Ann
Publication Date: 04/27/2021
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Will they figure it out?
Or will they go missing in the woods like everyone else?

When Connor is signed up for summer camp, he expects to be alone the entire two weeks but his expectations are quickly twisted up. He becomes fast friends with Annie, the bookish outdoorsman, and Jonny, the broody older boy whom he’s had a crush on for the last two years. The summer camp isn’t half bad, either. Connor gets to share a room with Jonny, Annie’s more than happy to be friends with him, and there are weirdly specific ghost stories about the people that have gone missing recently that keep him up at night. Thankfully, Jonny doesn’t have a problem sharing a bed with him and helping him go to sleep later that night. Everything seems perfect when Connor wakes up in Jonny’s arms the next day.

That is, until, they’re chased into the woods the next day. Connor finds himself in the middle of the woods, lost. Jonny and Annie just barely manage to find him when they encounter a creature in the woods. A creature made of uprooted trees, with splinters for teeth, and glowing eyes in the fog. It sends them down a spiral to try and figure out how everything connects. The ghost stories, the creature they saw, the missing people.

Will they figure it out?
Or will they go missing in the woods like everyone else?