Asphaltene Particles in Fossil Fuel Exploration, Recovery, Refining, and Production Processes


SKU: 9780306447099
Author: Fine Particle Society International Symposium on Asphaltene Particles in Fossil Fuel Exploration Recovery Refining and Production Processes
Editor: Sharma, Mahendra K Yen, Teh Fu
Publication Date: 06/30/1994
Publisher: Plenum Publishing Corporation
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Bitumen and CoalDerived Asphaltenes: AsphalteneViscosity Relationship of Processed and Unprocessed Bitumen (A. Chakma et al.). Natural and Accelerated Aging of Bitumens (F.S. Choquest, A.F. Verhasselt). Asphalt and Asphaltene Conversion: Classification of Asphalt Types by Asphaltene Aromaticity (H.J. Lian, T.F. Yen). Sludge Formation During Heavy Oil Conversion (D.A. Storm et al.). Surface and Colloidal Aspects of Asphaltenes: Surface Activity and Dynamics of Asphaltenes (E.Y. Sheu et al.). Role of Asphaltenes in Recovering Heavy Oil through MicroBubble Generation (M.R. Islam, A. Chakma). Thermodynamic and Molecular Aspects of Asphaltenes: The Study of Molecular Attractions in the Asphalt System by Solubility Parameter (J.R. Lin, T.F. Yen). Solvation of Ratawi Asphaltenes in Vacuum Residue (D.A. Storm et al.). 10 additional articles. Index.