Asexuality. Asexuality Guide. Asexuality Book about Understanding the Sexual Orientation, Tips, Myths and Misconceptions.


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Author: Luckton, Correy
Publication Date: 09/13/2017
Publisher: Zoodoo Publishing Asexuality
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Asexuality can be defined as the definite lack of sexual attraction towards any of the genders. It is important for people to understand that asexuality is a very normal sexual orientation. Being asexual is not a choice. But, asexuality is as normal as being a straight or a gay or a bisexual. Asexuality is one of the most misunderstood topics even in today’s internet world. People believe in all kinds of myths and misconceptions surrounding this topic. These myths and misconceptions need to be busted. Most asexual people go through a phase of confusion and self-doubt. This book is an attempt to provide you with the right information to get rid of the entire confusion surrounding asexuality. This will help you to understand asexuality in a better way. Asexual people are sexually not attracted to any gender. These people have many challenges in front of them. They need to acknowledge their asexuality without any guilt or shame. After they are able to accept it, they need to come out in front of people and let them know how they feel. Covered in this book: – Abstinence – Attraction, love and marriage – Celibacy – Coming out – Finding a partner – Frequently Asked Questions – Masturbation and Asexuality – Possible scenarios – Sex and Asexuality – Sexual Orientation – Symbols – The Ace Umbrella – Understanding asexuality at a deeper level – Understanding your experiences – Useful Tips – What is Asexuality – What isn’t Asexuality …and much more