Aquatic Weeds for Bioethanol Production


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“Aquatic Weeds for Bioethanol Production” is a comprehensive guidebook that explores the potential of Alternanthera philoxeroides and Brachiaria mutica as alternative feedstocks for bioethanol production. The author, Chirom Aarti, discusses the efficient and sustainable utilization of these weeds through an enzymatic saccharification and fermentation process. The book provides a detailed account of the physical and chemical properties of the two weeds, along with their suitability as bioethanol feedstocks. Aarti also discusses the enzymatic saccharification process, which involves breaking down the complex carbohydrates of the weeds into simple sugars that can be fermented into bioethanol. Furthermore, the author covers the fermentation process, which involves the conversion of the simple sugars into bioethanol using yeast. The book offers insights into the optimization of various factors involved in the bioethanol production process, such as temperature, pH, enzyme concentration, and fermentation time. The author also explores the economic feasibility of bioethanol production from these weeds and highlights the potential environmental benefits of using them as alternative feedstocks. Overall, “Aquatic Weeds for Bioethanol Production” is an informative and insightful guidebook for researchers, students, and professionals interested in the sustainable production of bioethanol from alternative sources.