Approved Practices in Swine Production


SKU: 9781447410034
Author: Cook, Glen Charles
Publication Date: 05/24/2011
Publisher: Spellman Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This book contains a catalogue of approved practices used in swine production, with information on marketing, health, housing, diet, and more. The purpose of this book is to furnish a comprehensive list of activities in swine production – which involve approved practices, with information on how they should be performed. The chapters of this volume include: ‘Selecting the Breeding Stock’, ‘Breeding and Improving Swine’, ‘Caring for the Brood Sow and Litter’, ‘Feeding Swine’, ‘Providing Housing and Equipment for Swine’, ‘Controlling Parasites and Diseases’, ‘Butchering and Curing Pork on the Farm’, ‘Marketing Swine’, etcetera. This antique book was originally published in 1948, and we are proudly republishing it now, complete with a new and specially commissioned introduction on pig farming.