Approaching the Aquatic Products Market in China: China Aquatic Products Market Overview


SKU: 9780986467271
Author: Fu, Tiger Consulting, Zeefer Pan, Albert
Publication Date: 11/30/2010
Publisher: Cloud New Zealand Limited
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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As one of the Series of Approaching China, this book presents a full view of China’s aquatic products market, provides analysis and suggestions on how to approaching this fast growing market. In order to help readers understand the current market environment and know the business rules, culture and characteristics in China, this book includes the introduction on the market shares, competition, key players, market segmentation, import & export changes, sales channel, buyer’s behavior, entry barriers, industrial environment and policy trends; introduces the procedure for practicing aquatic products business in China, Chinese inspection & standards system, a list of major importers & agencies and annual trade fairs in China. In terms of the writing method, for convenience of readers, authors of this book greatly use a form of illustration plus text analysis and presentation. Through the combination of multiple chart forms such as flow chart, system chart, distribution graph, tendency chart and proportion chart, Approaching the Aquatic Products Market in China visually presents readers with a picture of the Chinese market conditions as well as guidance for entry.