Animal Cell Technology: Products from Cells, Cells as Products: Proceedings of the 16th Esact Meeting April 25-29, 1999, Lugano, Switzerland (1999)


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Editor: Bernard, Alain Griffiths, Bryan Noé, Wolfgang Wurm, Florian
Publication Date: 12/09/2010
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Products from Cells – Cells as Products This book ist he “lasting” product, a resource ofup to date information in the scientific literature fort he field ofanimal cell tec hnology, as it was presented during a pleasant and s timulating mee ting that was held in Lugano Switzerland in April 1999. “Products” appeartwice int he title oft he conference. This clearly indicates the fact that the focus oft he papers presented during this meeting was really the application ofn ew technologies (novel reactors or novel vectors, for example for the preparation and/ort he more efficient generation ofproducts ) that could be used, mainly, int he medical field. Classical approaches forthe use ofa nimal cells, for example forthe p r oduction of virus vaccines for human and animal health, still remain an important technology and still have, surprisingly, quite significant potential for further development and improvement. How ever, it appears that major technological advances an d major growth from an economical point ofview are occurring in other areas. Most importantly, protein production on the basis of recombinant DNA molecules transferred into a nimal cells, appears to be an ever increasing field of interest and innovation, even though the first production scheme with this technology was approved more than 15 years ago.