Animal Cell Culture and Production of Biologicals, Volume 3


SKU: 9780792313267
Author: Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology Ikura, Koji
Editor: Sasaki, Ryuzo Ikura, Kouji
Publication Date: 07/31/1991
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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I. Control of Animal Cell Growth.- Novel Specific Inhibitors for Analysis of Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Control.- II. New Cell Lines.- Transgenic Animals as a Source of Genetically-Engineered Trans-Immortalised Cell Lines.- CD8+ Suppressor T Cell Clone 13G2 Secretes a Suppressive Lymphokine, Immune Suppressive Factor-T (ISF-T).- Development, Availability and Characterization of ATCC Human and Animal Cell Lines.- III. Cell Culture System Including Serum-Free Culture.- Recent Advances in Animal Cell Biotechnology.- Critical Analysis of Process Development on in-Vitro Growth of Chick-Embryo.- Improved Method for Inoculation of a Cell Suspension into a Hollow Fiber Bioreactor.- Strategies to Increase the Efficiency of Membrane Aerated and Perfused Animal Cell Bioreactors by an Improved Medium Perfusion.- Cultivation of Hepatocytes in a New Entrapment Reactor: A Potential Bioartificial Liver.- Continuous Culture with Cell Precipitation for Recombinant Protein Production.- Elimination of Microorganisms from Cell Culture Medium Using Regenerated Cellulose Hollow Fiber (BMM).- Effects of Shear Stress on the Growth of Hybridoma Cells Cultivated in Serum-Free Medium Coupled with Ammonia Removing System.- GMP Production of Biopharmaceuticals Using High Density, Fluidized-Bed Cell Culture Technology.- Anchorage-Dependent Animal Cell Growth in Porous Microcarrier Culture.- Formation of Multicellular Aggregates of Adult Rat Hepatocytes.- Operation of an Air Lift Reactor for Production of Immunochemicals by Immobilized Hybridoma Cells.- Simulation of Growth of Hybridoma Cells Immobilized in Alginate Gel Beads Based on an Oxygen Limited Model.- High Density Suspension Culture of Insect Cells in a Stirred Bioreactor.- Media for Cultivation of Animal Cells: an Overview.- Characterization of a Human Derived Macrophage-Like Cell Line, U-M.- Mitogenic Activity from Fish Embryos and the Growth of Fish Blastocyst Cells in Culture.- Protein Factor Obtained from Rat Adipose Tissue Specifically Permits the Proliferation of 3T3-L1 and OB1771 Preadipocyte Cell Lines in a Completely Defined Serum-Free Medium.- Nutrient Optimization for the Production of Biologicals from Animal Cells Cultured at High Density.- Growth and Function of Bovine Granulosa Cells Cultured in a Serum-Free Medium.- IV. Physicochemical and Biochemical Factors for Cell Growth and Production of Biologicals.- Electrically Controlled Culture of MKN45 Cells in Serum-Free Medium.- Hybridoma Culture in the Hollow-Fiber System – the Effects of Growth Factors.- Effects of Growth Factors on Hybridoma Culture in the Perfusion System.- Studies on Physiological Aspect of In-Vitro Development of Chick-Embryo.- Pilot Scale Protein Production Using Inducible Gene Amplification.- Genetic Enhancement of Protein Productivity of Animal Cells by Oncogenes.- Immunoglobulin Production Stimulation by Various Types of Caseins.- Effect of Dilution Rate on the Metabolism and Product Formation of a Recombinant Mammalian Cell Line Growing in a Chemostat with Internal Recycle of Cells.- Immunoglobulin Production Stimulating Factors in Polysaccharides.- Production of Recombinant Protein C in a Perfusion Culture.- Optimization of Cell Culture Conditions for G-CSF (Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor) Production by Genetically Engineered Namalwa KJM-1 Cells.- Variation in the Ratios and Concentrations of Nucleotide Triphosphates and UDP-Sugars during a Perfused Batch Cultivation of Hybridoma Cells.- Proteolytic Activities in Serum-Free Supernatants of Mammalian Cell Lines.- Continuous Production of Erythropoietin Using a Radial Flow Bioreactor.- V. Specific Products and Their Characterization.- Effects of Autocrine Components on Growth Inhibition of NH4+ and on Growth Kinetics of Hybridoma Cells.- Glycosylation of Erythropoietin Receptor.- Effective Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies by Fast Flow Affinity Chromatography.- VI. In Vitro Assays for Toxic, Carcinogenic, and Pharmacological Effects.- Detection of Bovi…